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We've specialized in premium auto body repair since 1969 and pride ourselves on excellent customer service and making your car look as good as new. Our shop is located in downtown Seattle along Airport Way. The shop's facilities are state-of-the-art and our workmanship in chassis, body, and paint repairs are guaranteed to be free from defects and failures for as long as you own your vehicle. Take a look at our work, reputation, and what customers and local automotive dealers have to say. We'd be pleased to have you leave your vehicle under our care.

Metro's technicians are Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Toyota certified. They are factory trained by BMW and Acura approved.  Everyone at our shop will work to make sure that you have vehicle back as fast as possible and looking better than before.








MondayThursday  8am–5pm
Friday  8am–5:30pm
Estimate Hours  9am–4pm




Metro Auto Rebuild

2218 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA 98134


RNR Automotive Refinishing

1408 130th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005



“I took my 3 series here for a bumper repair...Metro Auto’s workmanship and customer service is stellar...They went out of their way to make sure that the repair process went smoothly.”
— Sarah C
“They did a great job! I will definitely recommend this shop to anyone that needs any work done, and they guarantee their workmanship for as long as you own the car. Thanks for the excellent workmanship Metro Auto Rebuild!”
— Teresa J
“Best body shop I’ve ever dealt with, Ryan is awesome. They are honest and do amazing work. They really make my BMW look better than new whenever they work on it and they always stand by their work. They also did great work on my brother’s Mazda.”
— Matt K

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What should I do if I get in an accident?


If no one is injured, drive your vehicle to a safe location nearby. Call 9-1-1 right away if there are any injuries. Exchange your name, address, insurance company name, policy number and driver's license number with the other driver. Gather the names and contact information of any witnesses. It's recommended that you take photos of all vehicles involved as well as the surrounding environment for future reference.

I've been in an accident and my car needs repairs, what should I do?


Contact your insurance company to initiate a claim. Have your insurance papers, driver's license, a note pad, and a pen handy. Once you've been given a claim number, bring your vehicle to Metro Auto Rebuild.

I think my car is unsafe to drive, how should I get to Metro Auto Rebuild?


Make sure you mention to your insurance adjuster that your vehicle might be unsafe to drive. Metro can arrange for your car to be towed.

What if my car needs to be towed?


If it's during our business hours, give us a call and our receptionist will arrange for a tow truck to bring your car to our shop. If it's after hours, you can call All Star Towing at (800) 491-6355.

Do I need an appointment to bring in the car?


You don't need an appointment for an estimate. Our estimators can help you anytime between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. If you would like to schedule an appointment so we can guarantee that an estimator will be available for you, please contact us at (206) 623-6336.

Do you handle insurance claims?


Yes, we work with all insurance companies. We work directly with the insurance company and take care of all the paperwork. All you need to do is tell us which company you use and the claim number.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?


The amount of time it takes to repair your vehicle depends on a number of variables. Once our estimators have inspected your vehicle and the parts have been confirmed, we will try to provide you with an estimated completion date.

Will I be contacted throughout the repair process?


Our customer service team will ask you how often you would like to be contacted during the repair process. We will contact you through your preferred method of communication.

Do you supply rental cars?


We can coordinate with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to arrange a rental car. Enterprise has an office in our lobby.

Do I have to pay a deductible?


If you are at fault in the accident or are making a comprehensive claim, you are responsible for paying the deductible amount stated in your insurance policy. Even if you are not at fault, you may be required to pay the deductible until liability is completely resolved. Once complete, your insurance company will reimburse you.

Why is the insurance estimate different than the shop estimate?


Estimates vary because estimators and their guidelines vary. Many are only allowed to write for what they can see. They are required to leave the hidden damage off the estimate and get together with the shop later when the vehicle is disassembled to catch any additional parts and labor.

If the repairs to my car exceed the insurance estimate, will I get stuck paying the difference?


No. Unlike other businesses, an estimate is not a "locked in" amount except in unusual cases. In collision repair, the estimate is the starting point used by the insurance company and the shop. Once the car is disassembled, the shop notifies the insurance company if additional repairs are needed. The insurance company sends out an adjuster to go over the additions and once verified and completed, to make a supplemental payment to the shop. The customer is kept informed throughout the process so they know what other repairs were completed